In a nutshell

Connecting Strategy to Operations (S2O) for our clients and measuring their success. Turning change into opportunity by discovering what they have and showing how it all works together.

Our dream

To be the "Go to" strategy consultants for associations in Saskatchewan.

What we offer I Value proposition

blacksmith s2o consulting will focus on providing a range of strategic planning, performance monitoring and project management services. As S2O consultants, we bring with us:

  • A simple, practical way of thinking about organizations and their relationships
  • A set of tools/methodologies/models/resources to define success and measure it
  • A wide ranging knowledge and understanding of strategic planning, performance measurement, finance, and project management
  • An ability to connect the dots  between process, policy, people, and technology
  • Interpersonal, facilitation, and communication skills

That we use to help you to ask the questions, seek answers, and find successful solutions. To help you own your future.

We help small not-for-profit groups see themselves and their environment more clearly, define what success means to them, figure out where they want to be and, how to get there, and leave them feeling confident about moving forward with implementation. Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't afford expertise in strategy and communications.